My Plan for Valley Center - Jerry Kern for Supervisor

My Plan for Valley Center

It’s my strong belief that for too long, the County Board of Supervisors has neglected to care for the back-country communities to the extent that it should. Valley Center is no exception.

Valley Center has a number of unique needs, problems, and characteristics that require specific attention and resources. As your County Supervisor, I will be sure to listen to Valley Center residents, visit often, and ensure your community receives the resources you deserve.

There’s a reason that downtown San Diego politicians and special interests aren’t supporting my campaign for Supervisor – it’s because they know I’ll fight to ensure every last resource goes to North County, not the City of San Diego.

I believe any candidate for office must have a strong vision, and that’s why I’ve laid out my plan for Valley Center. I look forward to gathering additional input over the coming months and hearing your thoughts about how the County can do a better job of providing for Valley Center.


Improving Roads and Infrastructure

For too long, the County of San Diego and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) have neglected North County’s infrastructure. They’ve failed to maintain adequate road maintenance, haven’t properly prepared for growth in traffic, and have failed to provide a number of other critical infrastructure projects.

Last year, voters rejected Measure A, which would have increased taxes in order to allegedly provide infrastructure funding. I opposed this measure, because it was a bad deal for North County. Your taxes would have gone up, but you wouldn’t have received the funding you deserved.

When it comes to funding roads and infrastructure, you can bet I will fight to ensure Valley Center receives every last penny this community deserves.


Support Local Recreational Opportunities

I believe parks, recreation centers, and sports facilities are integral to maintain any community’s quality of life. They keep teens out of trouble, provide parents with a place to take their children, and ensure plenty of recreation opportunities for our seniors.

As an Oceanside Councilmember, I worked throughout the years to secure funding for the maintenance and expansion of a number of parks and recreation centers throughout our city and have seen first-hand the benefits of doing so.

As your Supervisor, I will fight to ensure our local parks have the resources and funding necessary to remain clean, safe, and vibrant.


Protect Public Safety

Due to a lack of staffing and resource allocation, our County Probation Department is stretched thin, especially in communities like Valley Center. Our probation officers are facing up to double the recommended workload in certain areas. As a result, some cases are falling through the cracks, particularly in Valley Center, meaning that dozens of individuals on probation aren’t being adequately supervised.

As your Supervisor, it will be my priority to focus on ensuring our Probation Department is staffed at the levels necessary to monitor offenders.

Meanwhile, when it comes to rural communities, it’s important we ensure quick response times from our Sheriff’s Department. If elected, I’ll make sure our department remains adequately funded and staffed, potentially increasing the number of deputies on patrol within Valley Center.

Additionally, the County of San Diego has made a number of important strides over the past several years to ensure our regional fire authority has the tools, resources, and policies in place to quickly respond to future fires, but it’s important we remain vigilant in ensuring our firefighters have what they need to get the job done.

If elected, I will work to provide resources, improve our infrastructure, and work collaboratively with the community in order to reduce potential damage from any future wildfires near Valley Center.


Protect Community Character

Many residents of Valley Center live there because they appreciate and enjoy the unique rural character of the community. I believe it’s important that your next Supervisor appreciates and understands this and works to ensure Valley Center remains a safe, vibrant community that serves as a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

As an Oceanside Councilmember, I never supported a project or program that made the community worse – only those that improved quality of life for my constituents. As your Supervisor, that will remain my goal. I look forward to working with Valley Center residents on shaping a vision for how to continue maintaining the community character and quality of life you currently enjoy.


Improve Access to County Services

Due to Valley Center’s distance from the City of San Diego, it’s become exceedingly difficult for residents to access basic government services such as filing building permits to improve their homes. Meanwhile, response times to code complaints or animal service needs also take longer, which reduces quality of life.

As your Supervisor, I’ll work to improve service delivery and access for Valley Center. As County taxpayers, you deserve it.

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