My Plan for Fallbrook - Jerry Kern for Supervisor

My Plan for Fallbrook

It’s my strong belief that for too long, the County Board of Supervisors has neglected to care for the back-country communities to the extent that it should. Fallbrook is no exception.

As I’ve said many times throughout this campaign, it seems to be that the further away from downtown San Diego you get, the fewer services and resources you receive. If elected as County Supervisor, it will be my primary goal to change that.

There’s a reason that downtown San Diego politicians and special interests aren’t supporting my campaign for Supervisor – it’s because they know I’ll fight to ensure every last resource goes to North County, not the City of San Diego.

I believe any candidate for office must have a strong vision, and that’s why I’ve laid out my plan for Fallbrook. I look forward to gathering additional input over the coming months and hearing your thoughts about how the County can do a better job of providing for this community.


Improving Roads and Infrastructure

For decades, the County of San Diego and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) have neglected North County’s infrastructure. They’ve failed to maintain adequate road maintenance, haven’t properly prepared for growth in traffic, and have failed to provide a number of other critical infrastructure projects.

Last year, voters rejected Measure A, which would have increased taxes in order to allegedly provide infrastructure funding. I opposed this measure, because it was a bad deal for North County. Your taxes would have gone up, but you wouldn’t have received the funding you deserved.

I’ve heard from dozens of people about the declining quality of roads within and nearby Fallbrook. Many have pointed out that traffic control could be managed better, and it’s near unanimous that people believe traffic is too congested.

When it comes to funding roads and infrastructure, you can bet I will fight to ensure Fallbrook receives every last penny this community deserves.


Help local small businesses open and grow

Small businesses provide a key role in Fallbrook’s economy and help contribute to the community’s unique character.

As your County Supervisor, it will be my goal to support policies that help ensure current businesses can remain open while helping new businesses open their doors.

First, I’ll support a regular review of county rules and regulations, to ensure we remove any unnecessary regulations that hamper business growth, eliminate duplicative regulations, and ensure the permit process is as streamlined as possible.

Second, I’ll work with our county’s planning department to find ways to expedite the issuing of business licenses or permits. When you’re starting a new business, each and every day of delay can cost money and put a young business at risk.

Finally, I’ll hire a District 5 staff representative to serve as a business liaison to work directly with existing or prospective businesses to help guide them through the resources available from county government to help them grow and expand.



Protect Public Safety

Due to a lack of staffing and resource allocation, our County Probation Department is stretched thin, especially in communities like Fallbrook. Our probation officers are facing up to double the recommended workload in certain areas. As a result, some cases are falling through the cracks, particularly in Fallbrook, meaning that dozens of individuals on probation aren’t being adequately supervised.

As your Supervisor, it will be my priority to focus on ensuring our Probation Department is staffed at the levels necessary to monitor offenders.

In addition, many residents have complained about quality-of-life issues in Fallbrook, such as transients, an emerging gang problem, vandalism, and other public safety concerns. If elected, I’ll work with our Sheriff’s Department on ways to increase a patrol presence in Fallbrook in order to proactively address these concerns before they grow worse.

Just because you may live far away from downtown San Diego doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel safe. As your County Supervisor, the safety of your neighborhood will be one of my top concerns.


Expand Healthcare Access

Due to Fallbrook’s distance from other population centers, there is no significant hospital presence, as well as a diminished supply of other health care facilities and providers.

As a Supervisor, I’ll work with the County, healthcare providers, non-profits, and other government agencies on ways we can expand physical access to healthcare into Fallbrook.


Improve Access to County Services

Due to Valley Center’s distance from the City of San Diego, it’s become exceedingly difficult for residents to access basic government services such as filing building permits to improve their homes. Meanwhile, response times to code complaints or animal service needs also take longer, which reduces quality of life.

I believe County government is in the service-delivery business. That means it will be my responsibility to ensure you get what you pay for – in exchange for paying taxes, you deserve adequate services. Over the past several years, our County has built up tremendous budget reserves. While it’s smart to prepare for future deficits or even disasters, there should also be an expectation that taxpayer dollars should be spent serving tax payers.

As your Supervisor, I’ll work to improve service delivery and access for Fallbrook. As County taxpayers, you deserve it.



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