Compare the Candidates on Taxes

Compare the Candidates: Taxes

In 2016, the San Diego Association of Governments put forward one of the largest proposed tax increases in the history of San Diego County. This proposal would have increased taxes by an estimated $308 million, per year, for forty years.                   

Jerry Kern strongly opposed this tax increase.

Jim Desmond strongly supported and advocated for this tax increase.

This proposal was heavily promoted by downtown San Diego special interests and politicians that sought additional revenues with very little funding going toward North County.

“This tax increase provided minimal funds for transportation projects and traffic relief, and instead focused on programs for climate change, purchasing open space, and over-inflated administrative costs,” says Kern. “It provided very little for North County, and was a bad deal for taxpayers altogether.”

After the election, in which voters soundly rejected this tax increase, an investigation revealed that voters had been misled about whether or not these projects would actually be funded with the tax increase.

Even long after the facts of this scandal became public, Desmond remains “unapologetic about his support” for the proposed tax increase, according to the Valley Roadrunner newspaper.

“When it comes to this tax increase, I am proud to have stood on the side of taxpayers,” says Kern. “If elected, I will be their advocate on the County Board of Supervisors.”

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