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About Jerry

North County deserves a Supervisor who is on our side – who will fight to protect taxpayers, solve our traffic problems, and grow our local economy with good-paying jobs while standing up to downtown San Diego politicians who don’t understand or care about North County values.

Jerry and his wife, Blake, have lived in Oceanside for over 40 years. While County government is headquartered in downtown San Diego, the decisions made by the Board of Supervisors impact North County’s quality of life every day. From homelessness to healthcare, and from the courts to air quality, North County needs an effective representative who understands our unique challenges and won’t settle for the status quo.

Jerry Kern’s record as an educator and founder of a pioneering charter school, as president of the local Chamber of Commerce, and as an experienced elected official with the courage to say “no” to special interests, ensures that North County will have the effective advocate on the Board of Supervisors that North County deserves.

First elected to the Oceanside City Council in 2006, Jerry also serves on the city’s Economic Development Commission as well as the Arts Commission. Regionally, he represents San Diego County on the Community Engagement Panel for the decommissioning of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) where he is working with state and federal officials to remove the spent nuclear fuel to a safer location.

Jerry is a fiscal conservative who fought to hold the line on city spending, upgrade police and fire protection, get tough on gang violence, address homelessness and the county’s housing crisis. He has worked tirelessly to attract new businesses that have strengthened his city’s tax base and generated hundreds of new jobs.

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