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A Blueprint for Prosperity - An Economic Plan to Grow North County’s Economy

As an Oceanside Councilmember, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of our city’s efforts to revitalize Oceanside city, particularly the downtown area. Not only have we brought desired restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and other businesses, but we did so with community buy-in and approval.

By creating a vision for our community, developing and implementing a plan, and working with local stakeholders, we’ve been able to transform our downtown, strengthening our economy and providing hundreds of new jobs in Oceanside.

It’s this same approach I wish to bring to North County. By building a vision and working as a community, we can create a healthy, growing economy over the long-term.

North County is one of the most prosperous and healthy economic regions in our entire state. We’re home to a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, biotechnology, green technology, healthcare, education, and many others.

While our region has seen tremendous economic growth over the past few years, it’s important we continue working to build an economy that can withstand a future recession, is full of high-paying jobs, and offers opportunities for everyone to prosper.

With several cities, dozens of rural communities, as well as tribal nations, North County is a diverse collection of economic regions with unique strengths and needs. Accordingly, the region needs leadership that is able to work collaboratively within this economic ecosystem to implement a unifying vision for the region.

Strengthen Regional Partnerships

  • The county should work closely with influential organizations such as the North San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and the San Diego North Economic Development Council to identify strategies to recruit and retain businesses of all sizes and industries.

  • Work with universities, manufacturers, and other industries to create partnerships with local school districts to establish a talent pipeline to provide qualified job candidates over the long-term.

  • Assist other local governments to ensure a regional, coordinated approach to advocating policies that will allow businesses to grow and prosper.

  • Through collaboration with other local governments and organizations, we can leverage our regional strength to more effectively secure state or federal grant money devoted toward economic development.

  • Working together, we should establish an economic vision for the region, created through a collaborative, community-based engagement with the region’s public and private partners. The process will provide the region an opportunity for stakeholders and citizens to specify community values, describe our situation, and prioritize our shared goals.

Recruit and Retain Businesses; Grow the Next Generation of Employees

  • Support policies that reduce the cost of living in North County, ensuring companies have plenty of local talent available to hire. With a steady pool of available workers, North County will be a more desirable place for businesses to open their doors.

  • Our region should aggressively work to recruit businesses exploring expansion. We must ensure we are adequately promoting what North County has to offer for businesses and corporations seeking new opportunities for growth.

  • Apply County grant money to programs that implement programs geared toward building skillsets for the next generation of workers and ensuring our youth are prepared and trained to enter a 21st Century Workforce.

Support Agriculture and Tourism

  • With more small farms than any county in the entire United States, we must support policies that ensure agriculture remains a vibrant and stable part of our North County economy. As the economics of farming grow more and more difficult, it’s important to protect the private property rights of farmers and oppose policies that could hurt our agricultural industry.

  • Work to connect farmers with researchers to improve techniques for growing, processing, packaging and distribution, and to introduce new products and create new market linkages to increase our agricultural sector competitiveness.

  • Developing a new generation of farmers is crucial to sustaining agriculture as an industry sector in our region. We should work with secondary education and others to promote agricultural career choices through creation of coursework, including business management as well as agriculture topics.

  • Support efforts to promote North County tourism and expand tourist destinations. This vital part of the economy provides jobs, visitors to hotels and restaurants, and dollars spent in our community.

Cut Red Tape

  • Ensure County government is operating as quickly and efficiently to provide new businesses with the opportunity to open their doors and begin hiring as soon as possible.

  • Support a regular review of county rules and regulations, to ensure we remove any unnecessary regulations that hamper business growth, eliminate duplicative regulations, and ensure the permit process is as streamlined as possible.

  • Allow residents and business to ‘flag’ regulations they deem to be unnecessary, costly, or duplicative. Regulations that receive a sufficient number of flags should receive priority review and require a policy response.

  • Hire a District 5 staff representative to serve as a business liaison to work directly with existing or prospective companies to help guide them through the resources available from county government to help them grow and expand.


North County has practically unlimited potential for economic growth and prosperity, but only if county government operates in a more efficient and collaborative manner. As your Supervisor, I’ll work hard to make it easier to do businesses to open their doors, grow, and ensure job opportunities for the next generation of North County residents.

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